My name is Fabian Schwan-Brandt.

Photo: Annika Götz

Photo: Annika Götz

I have been working in PR and Marketing since 1999 -  first as a communications consultant and later as a managing director for fischerAppelt, one of the leading PR- and advertising agencies in Germany. In 2013 I started my own visual storytelling business together with Frankfurt based creative advertising agency Vier für Texas, the newly founded Themenbüro

My photographic work is primarily of documentary nature, while I believe that aesthetics and composition are just as important in narrative work as they are in fine art. 

I am interested in a broad range of issues, often revolving around facets of sustainability, covering social and environmental themes as well as topics of urban and rural life- and workstyles. 

In my sparetime I have been active in the coordination team of Think Tank 30, later as a board member of the German Association of the Club of Rome and as a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Goethe Institute


I have learnt photography from my late father back in the black and white film days, following up with the technological progress eversince. Since the arrival of DSLR-cinematography, I have learned a lot about filmmaking too, being a humble apprentice to the instructions of my uncle Axel Brandt, seasoned Cinematographer and independent documentary filmmaker, who serves me as an important mentor in my visual storytelling. His advice was invaluable for instance in preparation and post-production of my recent Tigray-Project, which was also published at leading German news websiteSpiegel Online. I also get much inspiration from the works of former Sky-Cameraman turned DSLR-evangelist Philip Bloom and legendary Magnum photographer Steve McCurry.

The many facets of my biography now seem to all fall in place - my social and scientific interest, the fun, the tears and the glory of the marketing world, my love of photography, of people and nature and life itself seem to yield a new, exciting blend. I work to arrange these elements around a common thread: The creative idea, the meaningful image, and the well-told stoy.

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